Wholesale Real Estate Software

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Wholesale Real Estate Software

In the fast-paced world of real estate, wholesaling has emerged as a popular strategy for investors looking to generate profits quickly without the need for extensive capital or long holding periods. Wholesaling involves identifying deeply discounted properties, securing them under contract, and then assigning or selling the contract to another investor for a fee. The key to success in wholesaling lies in efficient marketing, lead generation, and effective communication. This is where wholesale real estate software comes into play, streamlining and automating various aspects of the wholesaling process. In this blog post, we will explore what wholesaling is, what wholesaling software entails, and examine some of the leading wholesale real estate software options available to wholesalers.

What is Wholesaling?

Wholesale Real Estate Software

Wholesaling, in the context of real estate, is a strategy where investors focus on finding distressed properties or motivated sellers who are willing to sell their properties at significantly discounted prices. Once they identify a potential deal, they secure the property under contract using a purchase agreement that grants them the right to buy the property at a predetermined price. The investor then markets the property to other real estate investors or buyers, often using online platforms, to find someone interested in purchasing the contract (also known as "assigning the contract") for a fee. The fee represents the wholesaler's profit without ever actually owning the property.

What is Wholesaling Software?

Wholesale Real Estate Software

Wholesaling software refers to a collection of digital tools and platforms designed to facilitate various aspects of the wholesaling process. From lead generation and marketing to customer relationship management and communication tools, these software solutions are tailored to the specific needs of wholesalers. They streamline workflows, enhance productivity, and help wholesalers stay organized, ultimately increasing their chances of closing profitable deals.

Wholesaling Software Features

Wholesale Real Estate Software

1. Direct Mail Marketing Software

Automate direct mail campaigns with customizable templates for postcards and letters. Personalize mailings and follow-ups while tracking and analyzing campaign performance. Reach targeted leads efficiently and increase response rates.

2. Real Estate SMS Text Messaging Software

Send bulk SMS messages and automate text message sequences for prompt lead engagement. Receive real-time notifications and responses to enhance communication with potential buyers and sellers.

3. Ringless Voicemail (RVM) Software

Boost outreach efficiency with pre-recorded voicemails delivered directly to contacts without ringing their phones. Comply with legal regulations while tracking the effectiveness of voicemail campaigns.

4. Email Marketing Software

Conduct targeted email campaigns using customizable templates and automation features. Track email performance and integrate with CRM systems for effective lead management.

5. Phone System for Cold Calling and Follow-up

Utilize a cloud-based phone system with call recording and forwarding capabilities. Efficiently manage call history and notes through CRM integration, and analyze call performance for better conversions.

6. Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns

Integrate various marketing channels, such as email, SMS, and direct mail, to reach leads through multiple touchpoints. Automate marketing sequences for improved lead engagement and conversion.

7. Real Estate CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software

Centralize lead and contact information, track communication history, and manage tasks and reminders for efficient follow-up. Gain data insights and reporting to assess performance and optimize strategies.

8. Skip Tracing Tools

Locate hard-to-find leads with access to public records, social media, and other databases. Verify contact details for accurate lead targeting, enhancing lead generation efforts.

9. Lead Generating Websites

Create customizable landing pages and lead capture forms, optimize websites for conversion and search engine visibility. Seamlessly integrate with CRM systems and track website analytics to improve lead generation.

Popular Wholesaling Softwares



REISift is a comprehensive data-driven wholesale real estate software that empowers investors with advanced tools for lead generation and deal analysis. By leveraging powerful data analysis and filtering capabilities, REISift helps wholesalers identify highly motivated sellers and profitable investment opportunities.


  • Data-Driven Approach: REISift's data analysis tools enable users to make informed decisions based on valuable insights.
  • Advanced Filtering: The software allows for precise lead targeting by applying various filters to identify the most promising opportunities.
  • Skip Tracing: REISift offers efficient skip tracing tools to obtain accurate contact information for leads.
  • Lead Scoring: The software employs lead scoring techniques to prioritize high-quality prospects.


  • Learning Curve: The data-rich features may require some time to master, making it potentially challenging for newcomers.
  • Pricing: REISift's comprehensive features might come at a higher price point compared to simpler software solutions.

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Carrot is a specialized wholesale real estate software focused on lead generation through high-converting real estate websites. By providing customizable lead capture pages and SEO optimization, Carrot helps wholesalers attract motivated sellers and cash buyers, increasing their chances of closing successful deals.


  • High-Converting Lead Capture Pages: Carrot's templates are designed to convert visitors into leads effectively.
  • SEO Optimization: The software optimizes websites for search engines, improving online visibility.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Carrot offers an intuitive platform for easy website management.


  • Single Focus: Carrot is primarily designed for lead generation and may require additional tools for other wholesaling tasks.
  • Monthly Subscription Fees: The cost of using Carrot can be relatively high for some investors.

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Deal Machine


Deal Machine is a mobile app designed to streamline direct mail marketing and lead generation for wholesalers. The app allows investors to capture property information, send personalized postcards, and track responses, making it a valuable tool for on-the-go wholesalers.


  • Mobile App Convenience: Deal Machine enables investors to manage lead generation tasks while on the move.
  • Direct Mail Marketing: The app simplifies direct mail campaigns with personalized postcards.
  • CRM Integration: Deal Machine integrates with popular CRMs for seamless lead management.


  • Limited Marketing Channels: Deal Machine primarily focuses on direct mail marketing and may not cover other communication channels.
  • Mobile App Limitations: While convenient, the mobile app experience might not be as robust as web-based platforms.

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CallTools is a comprehensive wholesale real estate software that provides wholesalers with a powerful phone system for efficient cold calling and follow-ups. The software offers features such as power dialing, call recording, and call analytics to optimize communication with leads and prospects.


  • Comprehensive Phone System: CallTools offers a full suite of calling features for efficient cold calling and follow-ups.
  • Power Dialing: The software's power dialing feature enhances call productivity by minimizing downtime.
  • Call Recording and Analytics: CallTools provides call recording and analytics for performance evaluation.


  • Limited Marketing Channels: CallTools primarily focuses on call-based communication and may not offer other marketing channels.
  • Integration Requirements: Some users may need to integrate additional tools to build a complete wholesaling solution.

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Smarter Contact


Smarter Contact is a multi-channel marketing automation platform designed to enable wholesalers to engage leads through various channels, including SMS, MMS, and ringless voicemail. The platform provides powerful campaign management tools for targeted marketing strategies.


  • Multi-Channel Marketing: Smarter Contact offers diverse communication channels for effective lead engagement.
  • Ringless Voicemail and SMS Capabilities: The platform enables wholesalers to utilize ringless voicemail and SMS for efficient outreach.
  • Campaign Management: Smarter Contact's tools help plan and execute targeted marketing campaigns.


  • Extensive Features: The broad feature set might be overwhelming for users with simpler needs.
  • Cost Considerations: Extensive marketing campaigns may incur higher costs.

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Final Thoughts

Wholesale real estate software has revolutionized the way investors approach wholesaling, enabling them to reach wider audiences, manage leads efficiently, and close deals faster. By leveraging the right combination of these software tools, wholesalers can gain a competitive advantage in the dynamic real estate market, maximizing their potential for success.

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